Cerebrawl v0.8.14

Cerebrawl 0.8.14 is out!

Big changes in this build! We've been meaning to update the UI on the character select screen, and we finally had the bandwidth to do just that. We've been trying to weave in some of the lore of Harmon City and the Imagination Bomb incident into the UI itself, and this was a step in that direction!

Jaren's been overhauled! Here's his most recent moves list;

- (in the air or ground) qfc + K= Super Sonic Kick

- qcb + P (hold P to delay, press LK during delay to cancel) = Teleport

- (in the air) qcf + P = Super Sonic Slash

- HP + HP + HP + HP + HP = Machine Gun Punch (Hold direction after to teleport)

- HP + MP + LP + HP + HP = Machine Gun Punch (Hold direction after to teleport)

- MP + LP + MP + LP + HP = Machine Gune Punch (Hold direction after to teleport)

His teleports have been tailored to position him in much more advantageous positions. So give it a whirl and let us know what you find!

He also has new command normals that count as projectiles. They can be used by pressing toward+HP and backward+HP. This should boost his neutral game to keep the opponent occupied while he sets up his teleports. 

Please give Jaren a try and let us know what you think! If you haven't already, join us on Discord. Discussions on characters and gameplay are happening there!



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Jul 13, 2021

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