Cerebrawl v0.8.10

Cerebrawl 0.8.10 is out!

Fixing some of the bugs reported by the community and finally bringing an end to all the tiny gaps that the block sequences had has made blocking much more stable. We had a few bugs where seemingly random hits would be unblockable. We found that between state transitions there would be 1 frame that wasn't being flagged as being able to block, so we went through and found all the instances and plugged up the holes.

If you haven't seen from the last build, all of Susan's throws should be working now. The visual presentation has been cleaned up a bit so it looks closer to how it should in the end. I've been giving Susan some more thoughts on how I want her throw combos to work, so in the future many of how the throws work may change

Operator #28's geysers are now OTG hits! I've put this off for too long, but now there's no need to pick opponents off the ground with s. MK. Just go straight into his sword super and watch them fly!

Jaren's dashes have been tweaked so now some momentum is carried over after he completes his dash. His dash is really fast and covers a lot of distance now, so we may have to tune this so it's not so incredibly good.

Speaking of dashes, we made dashing a bit easier. Pressing 2 punch buttons to dash in particular should be just a tad bit easier.


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Dec 20, 2020

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