Cerebrawl v0.8.11

Hello everyone!

I just finished up a new build and wanted to get it in everyone's hands. This update I mainly concentrated on getting Susan's Chain throw system up and running.  Half of Susan's command grabs have been completely overhauled. If you're a grappler fan, this will be a very fun update for you!

Here's what you can expect from Susan this build;

  • Chain throw/chain grabs:
    • The way chain throws work is that when you grab an opponent in a neutral, start up, or whiff stage they will not be able to tech it.
    • Most command grabs will leave the defender in a state that can be command grabbed again.
    • If you command grab someone in a post command grab state they'll have a chance to break out of the throw by pressing LP+LK
    • The defender will have a chance to guess whether they are being thrown with an early tech, or a late tech throw. 
    • For early techs, tech immediately. For late techs, wait 14 frames
    • If you tech early on a late tech throw, you will not break the throw. (so don't mash!)
    • Post throw states cannot be hit, they can only be thrown
  • Here are Susan's list of throws:
    • HCF + P (while on the ground and in the air) (when opponent is in the air) : Spinning Air Throw 
    • HCF +K : Suplex
    • HCB + K : Piledriver
    • HCB + K (while in the air) : Air Pounce
    • DP + P (when opponent is in the air) : Mass Ave

If you haven't already, join the Discord I'd love to hear your feedback!


Eliot Min


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Jan 27, 2021
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Mar 16, 2021

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